Many people who seek counseling are facing something that has significantly impacted their world and left them feeling the need to address their experience at a deeper level.  Anything from painful changes in a relationship to the death of a loved one, issues with health or work, caretaking concerns, feelings of profound loneliness, or loss of meaning and fulfillment can motivate us to explore what we are thinking and feeling, and discover new approaches to navigate our experience.

At the core of my work is the understanding that an authentic and trusting relationship between therapist and client is vital to the healing process. I bring warmth, curiosity, presence and respect to my clinical sessions and aim to foster a safe, sacred space in which thoughts and feelings may be expressed freely and openly without fear of judgment. Through a collaborative process, I support each individual on a path towards natural growth, positive change, and an enduring sense of self-empowerment.

Using treatment modalities best suited to your unique needs and situation, we will explore challenges and difficult, complex feelings in a way that promotes self-understanding and healing. A key part of the process may be considering how your life has evolved and informs your perspectives and expectations, sometimes in ways outside of your awareness. Our ongoing conversation is the place of self-discovery and meaning making that leads to a greater sense of belonging, vitality and wholeness of being.

There are a number of benefits from engaging in therapy. Some of these include:

  • Learn new skills to cope with stress and anxiety
  • Work through difficult times of mourning and grief
  • Move through emotional pain and stuckness
  • Manage anger, stagnation, unresolved issues and creative blocks
  • Develop skills to improve relationships
  • Strengthen self-esteem and raise self-confidence
  • Enhance personal growth and/or spiritual development
  • Create greater connectedness, balance and life satisfaction
  • Discern new goals, values, and directions in life